Introducing Reportage Style Wedding Photography

October 29, 2012  •  Leave a Comment


Documentary Wedding Photography in Black & White Art Form.

Done Creatively by Observation not by Orchestration.


Lately, I have been getting a lot of people asking if I do wedding photography and my answer has always been a big fat NO. The main

reason being that I think there are far more wedding photographers in the market than there are weddings.My response would also be that

I will never put myself out there as a wedding photographer, but if someone saw my work and really wanted me to cover their wedding I

would do it... 


I have been wondering for a while, how can I differentiate myself from being put in that group of wedding photographers because the  

thought of being grouped that way (no disrespect to others who enjoy this classification) churns my stomach and puts it into knots ...... ahhh that felt good!


Anyway, the point is that I don't like posed shots at event, not even at weddings.  You may notice in my photo-shoots, some amount of

realism comes across in the photos and that is because I work very hard to get my subject into that moment  instead of simply posing. I

encourage movement and then I do the work to get the shot I am looking for. I would prefer to be there without really being there and

just capture the moments artistically.



How about it??This is not for everyone, so if you want something out of the box and different from the rest this is it. These photos will truly last a lifetime since they will forever pass the test of trend, fashion and colour. Those factors being eliminated will not age your photos.



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