Dazed & Confused in Collaboration with MUA Sasha Bowie

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This Friday after days of preparation we carried out something than can only be described as AMAZING!!

At 2:30pm we were on set and ready to as I like to say 'Get It Done' and that we did.


Here is what MUA -Sasha Bowie had to say about the experience- 


Source - https://www.facebook.com/SashaBowie.Makeup.Images.Art

Just wrapped up my latest shoot today, I have all these concepts, all these ideas, so many I want to explorein my work. Today I had the pleasure of working with Photographer -Michele -Anne Hamilton - someone who gets me- a rare find. She reminded me of another favorite photographer of mine - Uliana Afanasenko; These girls listen to ideas pour out of my head build on it and figure out how to capture them on camera- they go the distance BECAUSE it's different and they respect that.

Also modelling for us was Mz. Sherilyn McLean she can contort her body and take us to freakyyyy places- loved it. My new shoot is titled 'Dazed & Confused.' Also, can't do anything without my support team, MUA's Kim Kelly Mua & Kay-Ann Epiphany McKenzie were much involved. And a lovely addition to our crew Keyboard Money-Mike! 

Very tired, Very Excited! We went HARRRDDDDDDD. (Hard as in the middle of Friday evening traffic on Hope Road - stopping traffic, running down that median in the Rd between Sovereign/Post Office Mall- maybe u caught a glimpse of us this evening ;) ;)


Sneak Peak:- Title:- Dazed & Confused

Model: Sherilyn Mclean
Makeup Artist:- Sasha Bowie
Photographer: Michele-Anne Hamilton (MichLan Photo)
Asst. MUA's: Kay-Ann Epiphany Mckenzie & Kim Kelly Mua
Other Crew:- Keyboard Money-Mike
This is just a brilliant shot of the make-up


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