Soca Butterfly

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Source: The Jamaica Observer

Date: Saturday, Feb 14th, 2014

Senior Associate Editor - Lifestyle & Social Content: Novia McDonald-Whyte

Contributors: Kadeem Rodgers & Sasha Bowie


Soca Butterfly Model Charlotte Salabie in full Carnival costume with make-up featuring symmetrical stones on both sides of her face perfectly complementing the lavish costume.

“ The butterfly,” explained make-up artist Sasha Bowie, “is what inspired this gorgeous Carnival make-up look.” There's no disputing this. Thankfully Bowie not only walks us through, but takes time to explain how to prolong your Carnival make-up looks through rain, shine, sweat and of course, in between ‘Jumpin’ — in other words, Bowie movement-proofs the look.

The model, with a full face of make-up complete with lashes, rhinestones, lipstick, eye shadow, and blush is fully submerged in water and emerges flawless!

Charlotte takes a dip in the pool with her long-lasting Carnival make-up.

Here's How:

Start with a clean face.

1 Moisturise your face with any good non-comedogenic (look for the word on your moisturising product) -- it means it won't clog your pores.)

2 Apply a facial primer. It's the industry's best-kept secret but Milk of Magnesia is an excellent facial primer. The primer forms a surface on your skin that your make-up will bond to -- prolonging the lasting effects of the make-up.

3 Apply your foundation liberally.

4 For the eyes, purchase a special eye primer or use a Jumbo white Nyx pencil to prime lids. This will allow less creasing of the eye shadow in your eyes and help your eye shadow adhere to your lids. Use it all the way up to your brow bone.

5 To make lashes adhere: curl first with a lash curler, and then apply your first coat of mascara. Allow to dry. Take your false eyelash strip and run a thin line of lash adhesive along the back of the top portion to be adhered. Wait for 30 seconds and apply to your real lashes as close to them as possible. Then, curl lashes again and apply mascara again which helps to bond the false lashes to your real ones.

6 At this point, spray a setting spray not too close but all over your face. Allow that to dry.

7 Use a neutral micro finish powder that can go on any skin tone or complexion and dust lightly all over your face.

8 Prime your lips with foundation before adding lipstick, to prolong the lipstick and to help stop it from bleeding.

9 The best product, which comes in many brands, is Spirit Gum to allow your rhinestones to adhere to your face.

10 For best results...swipe a little from the brush on your inner arm -- after a few seconds if there is no redness or swelling, then it is safe for you to use. To make the rhinestones stick with Spirit Gum, apply them to the area you want them to adhere to. Now keep tapping that area with your finger until it becomes harder and harder to pull your finger away. At this point, immediately adhere your rhinestone.

11 Use that micro finish powder, dusting lightly all over your face again. If the mascara gets some of that white dust, simply apply more mascara on your lids.

12 Once again, apply a setting spray, not too close to the face, and let it dry.

Follow these steps carefully, says Bowie, to achieve much longer-lasting Carnival make-up.


Charlotte looks flawless wet or dry, her make-up stays in place.


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Model: Charlotte Salabie

Make-up Artist: Sasha Bowie (


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