10 Reasons to Use Photographs In Your Office

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10 Reasons to Use Photographs In Your Office


Whether establishing a new workplace or sprucing up an existing space, using photographs in your office is a simple and effective way to bring extra value to your décor. Carefully selected, high quality photographs can define your company’s image and brand all while impressing clients and improving your employees’ work experience.

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The following are ten reasons why you should include photographs in your office décor.


Create a bond with your clients

Clients like to know that their service providers understand them. Decorating your office space with images that demonstrate such an understanding can go a long way to building client trust. Photographs that resonate directly with your clients show that you know and care about them and their life experiences. This requires research into your target market and key demographics, but it’s worthwhile, and research you will likely have already done. If your target demographic is young, you might include photos featuring themes and activities with a more youthful feel. If your clients are predominantly rural, include photos of daily life on a farm or of small town living.


Highlight business values

In this day and age, it is no longer enough to have personal values. Clients, customers and the public at large want to know that businesses and companies care and have values, as well. Through carefully chosen photographs, you can highlight your own business values around your office or work space. From images of children, animals or nature, to family portraits or local heroes, photographs can help show what and who you care about and stand for as a company.


Set your business apart

Well-chosen photos can do for your office what carefully selected fashion accessories can do for an outfit. Just as a man can set his suit apart from all the other office workers with a colorful pocket square or unique tie bar, you can differentiate your office from all the others with photographs. Photographs can tell a story, project an image, or inspire a feeling that is entirely unique to your company or place of business.


Define your brand

Effective branding has never been more important. Your brand is your company’s face and voice, and it must not only be recognizable and memorable, it must be well developed and consistent. The right photographs can help project and promote your brand in a unique and subtle way. Photographs can inspire feelings, create a tone, even elicit memories, all of which can be associated with your brand. Your product or services can also be included—subtly or explicitly—in the photographs, further strengthening the connection between the image and your brand.


Project professionalism

Photographs, properly selected, framed and displayed, can project professionalism in an office. They demonstrate an attention to detail, an understanding that image matters, and a willingness to spend money and energy where it matters. When carefully arranged, tasteful photos can also camouflage imperfections in your office, hiding blemishes on the walls or cracks in the paint and otherwise lending a polished, professional look to what may be an older or less luxurious space. Similarly, photographs can add to an already established atmosphere, enhancing and complementing existing décor.


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Showcase local or independent talent

Businesses with close ties to their community are always well regarded. Hanging photos featuring local or independent talent is one way to create, build and subtly proclaim those bonds with the local community. For example, you might include photos of local entertainers, or photos taken by a local photographer. Even if the subject or artist isn’t local, featuring independent creative can also serve to project a civic-minded and supportive image.


Showcase local or related landmarks

If your company is located in a particular city, feature photos of famous or otherwise interesting spots around town. This helps strengthen the association between your company and the city, all while demonstrating pride in your home base. Similarly, if your company or business has ties to another city or part of the world, photos of these locations will highlight that connection. A mix can also be used, with photos of local landmarks hanging next to photos of your head office location.


Drive creativity and reduce stress

It has been demonstrated that time spent surrounded by nature can both increase creativity and reduce stress. Luckily, it isn’t necessary to hike a mountain or take a walk in the woods to enjoy these benefits. Simply viewing images of nature can similarly boost creative thinking while lowering stress. Photos of nature scenes in your office can lead to more creative and relaxed employees. Likewise, such photographs can help put visitors and clients at ease, even if only subconsciously.


Build employee pride and loyalty

In surveys of current and future workers, one thing stands out amongst all others: meaning at work. Employees today want to know that their work means something. Showcasing images that create or highlight a connection between your industry, company or business and good works can help foment that sense of meaning and pride in your employees. If your company has a positive impact—big or small, direct or tangential—using photographs to highlight and reinforce these beneficial outcomes with your employees on a day to day basis. Employees who feel that their work has meaning, and that they have contributed to these good works, will feel more pride in their work and loyalty for their employer.


Impress without saying a word

We’re all familiar with the old but no-less accurate saying: a photo is worth a thousand words. This is especially true in a business setting. Photographs can say volumes about your company and product without a single word being spoken. Having to list your company’s accomplishments to a prospective client or employee might feel uncouth, like bragging. Photos can do the bragging for you, promoting your brand and accomplishments without your having to sing your own praises. Visitors to your office will know, with a single glance, exactly who they are dealing with.



A thousand words

There is no longer any escaping the fact that image counts. Including art in your office makes for a more pleasant and professional workplace, all while defining your company’s image by better defining and promoting its brand and values. Photographs in your office can be tailored and even changed over time and bring value to your clients, your employees and your company as a whole.


Andre Farant


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