MichLan Photo | 25 Things to See and Do On the Eastern Coast of Australia

25 Things to See and Do On the Eastern Coast of Australia

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Australia is sometimes referred to as ‘Oz’, and like that literary wonderland, the country is a place full of magic and splendor. On a recent trip, I was lucky enough to explore the Brisbane and the Gold Coast, as well as Sydney and the Blue Mountains. Below are just a few of the wonderful sights the region has to offer.


King George Square 

King George Square is the site of the main entrance to the Kind George Square Busway Station, as well as Brisbane City Hall, its columned facade and clock tower peeking out from behind the station entrance.

King George Square StationKing George Square StationKing George Square Station at King George Square - Brisbane City


Shrine of Remembrance

The sun shines down on Brisbane’s Shrine of Remembrance, a touching tribute to the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps.

MemorialMemorialMemorial, Brisbane City


Southbank Walkway – Brisbane River

There’s a reason why Brisbane is known as the River City: The Brisbane River offers a welcome mix of urban modernity and rejuvenating greenspace. While gleaming structures of glass and steel tower over its banks, the river’s waters are dotted with kayakers and lined with lovely, tree-shaded walking paths.


SouthbankSouthbankSouthbank walkway along Brisbane River, Brisbane City


Roma Street Parklands 

The largest subtropical urban garden in the world, the Roma Street Parklands is criss-crossed with shaded paths leading to spectacular flower arrangements and beautiful art installations. Birds sing from the trees while families walk amongst the gardens.

At the park’s open air Amphitheater, you might catch members of the Queensland Theatre Company reciting Shakespeare.

Flowers at Roma Street ParklandsFlowers at Roma Street Parklands Roma Street ParklandsRoma Street Parklands Birds Feeding at Roma Street ParklandsBirds Feeding at Roma Street Parklands Roma Street ParklandsRoma Street Parklands


Brisbane Sunset

Brisbane’s beauty only grows as the sun dips to the horizon.

Neighborhood Sunset - BrisbaneNeighborhood Sunset - Brisbane


Brisbane Cityscape

Brisbane has a multi-faceted appeal, mixing a growing art scene, sophisticated café culture, and energetic nightlife with unique architecture, sprawling parks and the languid beauty of the Brisbane River. All of this, and Brisbane also acts as the ideal gateway to the Gold Coast’s many natural gifts.

City View - BrisbaneCity View - Brisbane


Brisbane Night Traffic

Brisbane traffic streaks through the night. Sometimes the best way to slow down is to simply watch the world speed by.

Brisbane StreetsBrisbane Streets


Brisbane Streets

Brisbane’s nightlife buzzes with an energy all its own, from charming pubs and trendy clubs to live-music venues and the simple pleasures of strolling through darkened but still welcoming neighborhoods.

Brisbane City StreetsBrisbane City Streets


Story Bridge

In addition to connecting Brisbane center with Kangaroo Point, Story Bridge is routinely illuminated at night, its steel structure transformed into incandescent art.

Story Bridge - BrisbaneStory Bridge - Brisbane


Brisbane Wheel

A glowing pinwheel at night, riding the Brisbane Wheel offers spectacular views of the city.

Brisbane Wheel at SouthbankBrisbane Wheel at Southbank


Wellington Point 

Located just minutes from Brisbane, Wellington Point is popular with local families, and it’s easy to see why. The area is absolutely dripping with natural beauty, making it the perfect spot for a picnic or seaside stroll.

Wellington Point - BrisbaneWellington Point - BrisbaneLow tide at Wellington Point - Brisbane Low Tide At Wellington Point - BrisbaneLow Tide At Wellington Point - Brisbane Low Tide at Wellington Point with nephewsLow Tide at Wellington Point with nephews


Brisbane Plane Wreck

This Airlines of Australia Stinson Model A crashed in 1937 on route from Brisbane to Sydney. Tragically two passengers and the two pilots were killed, but three other passengers survived. In better shape than his companions, one of the three headed out to find help, but fell off a cliff.

The remaining two survivors, John Proud and Joseph Binstead, were eventually found, nearly two weeks later, by Bernard O’Reilly, who’d gone looking for the craft upon hearing of its disappearance.

Upon seeing O’Reilly, Proud and Binstead shook his hand and asked about the cricket scores.

A reconstruction of the plane can be seen at O'Reilly's National Park.

Famous Plane Wreck - BrisbaneFamous Plane Wreck - Brisbane


Gold Coast

Australia’s Gold Coast offers adventure for the whole family, from endless beaches and surfing to amusement parks and hiking among its parks. Cruise its shores or canals, lounge on the sand or at a sidewalk café, the Gold Coast is all about enjoying the outdoors.

View of the Gold CoastView of the Gold Coast


Gold Coast Whale Migration and Whale Watching

Humpback whales migrate north from Antarctica, breaching to spout water, take a breath and duck back under the surface with a mighty beat of their massive flukes. Seeing these gentle cetaceans breaking through the waves is an awe-inspiring experience.

Whale Migration off The Gold CoastWhale Migration off The Gold Coast


Parrot – Gold Coast

Australia is home to a variety of parrot and cockatoo species, like this little guy who seems to have flown straight out of a pirate movie.

Parrot - Gold CoastParrot - Gold Coast


Blue Mountains Walk

Australia’s Blue Mountains region is an absolutely magical place, offering spectacular views and the chance to get up close and personal with wildlife.

Bush Walking in The Blue MountainsBush Walking in The Blue Mountains



Three Sisters Rock – Blue Mountains 

Looming over the Jamison Valley, the iconic Three Sisters were formed by land erosion, but an Aborigine legend offers a more colorful origin for the unusual formations.

According to legend, three sisters, members of the Katoomba tribe, fell in love with three men of the nearby Nepean tribe. Unfortunately, according to local law, the women were not permitted to marry and, furious, the three men set out to simply kidnap their chosen brides, triggering a war between the two tribes.

To protect them from being killed in the battle, a local elder turned them to stone. The elder himself, however, was killed and no other member of either tribe knew how to turn the sisters back to flesh and bone. To this day, the Three Sisters stand, stone sentinels looking out over their former home.    

Three Sisters RockThree Sisters RockBlue Mountains Australia..
Around two hours from Sydney...one of the iconic landmarks of The Blue Mountains..... (Include the aboriginal story about these unusual formations - google search)
Me at The Three SistersMe at The Three Sisters


Wallaby – Roo – Blue Mountains

This little guy, a wallaby, calls the Blue Mountains home. I named him Roo.

WallabyWallabyI named him Roo and found him in Blue Mountains, Katoomba, NSW


Natural Bridge Arch – Springbrook National Park

Though this Natural Bridge Arch is one of Springbrook National Park’s most iconic sights, the park also features ancient beech trees that form a dense canopy over waterfalls, streams and gorges. Less than hour from the Gold Coast, Springbrook offers the chance to explore some of the oldest sections of Australia’s Gondwana Rainforests.

Natural Bridge ArchNatural Bridge ArchSpringbrook National Park - The Gold Coast
Bush Walking


Sydney Harbour Bridge

Nicknamed ‘The Coathanger’, Sydney Harbour Bridge seems to catch fire as the sun sets over the city.

Sydney Harbour Bridge - SydneySydney Harbour Bridge - Sydney


Sydney Opera House

Familiar to nearly anyone and everyone, the Sydney Opera House is one of Sydney’s most iconic landmarks and a genuine architectural marvel.

Sydney Opera HouseSydney Opera House


Lucas Caves – New South Wales

Just west of the Blue Mountains, Lucas Caves, part of the Jenolan Caves, was discovered in 1860 and features a magnificent Cathedral that rises over 160 feet in height and is used for wedding ceremonies. Lucas Caves is one of the most popular and spectacular caves in the Jenolan Karst Conservation Reserve.

Lucas CavesLucas Cavesat the Jenolan Caves, New South Wales


Darling Harbour 

Night or day, Sydney’s Darling Harbour is the perfect place for a leisurely stroll.

Darling Harbour - SydneyDarling Harbour - Sydney Darling Harbour - SydneyDarling Harbour - Sydney


Wallabies – Binna Burra – New South Wales 

Smaller than kangaroos, wallabies are found throughout Australia, but I spotted these guys in Bunna Burra, New South Wales.

Mommy and baby WallabyMommy and baby WallabyBinna Burra, NSW WallabysWallabysBinna Burra, New South Wales, Australia


Hollow Tree

From the outside, hollow trees are a source of mystery, while from within, they turn the whole world into a storybook land.

Hollow Tree - insideHollow Tree - inside

From Brisbane to Sydney and everything in between, Australia's Western Coast offers plenty of opportunity for a trip of a lifetime.



In Loving Memory of My Grandmother : Dorothy Theresa Patterson (Dec 7th 1927 - Jan 16th 2017)

Roma Street ParklandsRoma Street Parklands

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